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To the Editor:

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is turning 75 years old and planning to celebrate itself in Washington, D.C. I’ll be joining those protesting NATO and urging its dissolution. (See

NATO is not a global or democratic institution for avoiding war, but an alliance (through its members and partners) of most of the world’s major militaries that views war and the threat of war as the solutions to all problems. The results in places like the Balkans, Afghanistan, and Libya have been disastrous.

The war in Ukraine could not have happened without the decision at the end of the Cold War not to shut NATO down, but to expand it. The vicious cycle of threats, violence, and militarization between NATO and Russia risks nuclear devastation for us all.

NATO’s pursuit of additional enemies far from the North Atlantic is a reckless pursuit of catastrophe, not the safeguarding of the world. We need a world beyond NATO, where we invest to eliminate poverty, hunger, illness and homelessness; where we live in harmony with our environment; and where we resolve conflict diplomatically through the only global organization that represents the whole world – the United Nations.

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